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Sacramento, CA 95841 │ 916.222.8989job2016@callmikec.com

 Database Engineer / Business Analyst / Programmer

Highly experienced database professional with deep knowledge of all aspects of managing, maintaining, and updating databases. Expertise in a variety of programming languages, servers, Electronic Medical Records, software programs, practice management software, and infrastructure software. Gifted trainer with staff and clients.  Adept communicator with both internal and external business partners. Ideally suited for a position as Database or Systems Engineer.

Professional Experience

Finance of America Holdings, a Blackstone Company
January 2015 – PRESENT
System Engineer II, Senior Database Administrator (BytePRO)
 Support BytePRO Loan Origination System and SSRS Reporting System

• Resolved database integrity and performance issues, configuration, and patching
• Resolved issues related to replication, mirroring, log shipping, connectivity, security
• SQL Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Managed backups and restores 
• Troubleshoot Server, SQL, CPU, Memory, I/O, disk space and other resource issues
• SQL Tools ( SSMS, SSRS, DeCrypt, SQL Profiler, PerfMon, Visual Query Builder )
• Prodide SQL Database Operational support to programmers and tech users
• Worked with 3rd party DBA tools ( e.g IDERA, RED-Gate, ApexSQL,DevART, SQLCentral )
• Program in languages like Powershell, TSQL, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, ASP, VBA
• Provide database documentation, including data definitions and scripts
• Ensure storage, archival, backup, and recovery procedures are functioning correctly
• Manage the performance and integrity of the data, optimizing database performance. 
• Provided alternatives and solutions to problems and projects. 
• Wrok well individually or as team member to meet the needs of projects. 
• Strong communication and collaboration skills and work independently and efficiently

, Sacramento, CA                     
2015 – January 2016
DBA | Network Support
Manage databases to ensure efficient operations, optimal search capability, and content security for the largest people search website on the internet.  The site allows searches of public records as well as services such as reverse phone lookups.

  • Handled reporting systems, migrations, index management, integrity checks, configuration, and patching.
  • Managed issues such as: replication, partitioning, log shipping, connectivity, and security
  • Wrote complex SQL programs to handle adhoc reports, replication, partitioning, and data migration
  • Standardized daily SQL report processing to eliminate reporting problems.
  • Utilize SQL recovery models for backups, restores, and database recovery operations, as well as clustering, partitioning, and replication.
  • SQL Server tools (SSMS, SSIS, Oracle WorkBench, VisualDB, SQL Sentry, RedGate, Idera, CentralDB
  • Organized and standardized SQL jobs across servers to more easily identify and debug any issues.
  • Wrote over 50 software programs in Powershell to manage the inventory of all SQL servers, providing alerts to potential problems and developed web counterparts as needed
  • Created database documentation reference materials, including: processes and procedures
  • Plan and manage system capacity and plan for future needs.
  • Work independently or as part of a team to problem-solve database and network issues.

LIFEMED ID, INC., Citrus Heights, CA                                    
February 2013 – December 2014

Software Developer (ETL, MSSQL, Mirth Interface), Network Administrator, Programmer
Acted in several capacities for this leading edge identity solution provider, with customizable functionality for electronic registration, optimized for facilities and patients.

  • Developed software in ETL (extract, transform, load), utilizing various programs, including: MIRTH (HL7) channels, MSSQL, BI, Excel, Access, VB6, CSV, and scheduled jobs.
  • Created unique smart card system in Maine with two EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems, CPSI and Centricity EMR. Created a mobile website and mobile client as a prototype for a very large client in Africa.
  • Devised a demonstration system for sales purposes, using the GE CPS Medical Program and the LifeMedID Smart Card program.
  • Transitioned email system from Google services to Office 365. Performed migration to Office 365 and managed the system. Repurposed available hardware.
  • As the Network Administrator, monitored the network to ensure secure, continuous, uninterrupted service. Identified weaknesses and any needed upgrades.

ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE (dba QUATRIS), Rocklin, CA    February 2003 – February 2013
Software Developer (ETL, MSSQL, Mirth Interface), DBA, Systems Administrator,
Programmer, Senior Support Engineer Other Carrier Experience

Once Alliance Healthcare Solutions, Quatris was created through a merger between Final Support and Alliance Healthcare Solutions, making it the largest value added reseller of GE Centricity, an EMR designed to interface with Practice Management and Electronic Medical systems.

  • Responsibly completed over 300 Centricity Practice Management and EMR installations, each requiring setup of SQL servers, terminal servers, and application servers. Prepared and maintained program installation documentation. Supported medical clients with a broad range of network and interface implementation services both local and remote
  • Completed over 100 Oracle to MSSQL Centricity EMR conversions.
  • Created over 300 TSQL scripts to diagnose and debug issues and to provide adhoc reports Trained staff in proper documentation, problem-solving, and system enhancements.
  • Produced a support website to distribute custom applications I wrote
  • Developed over 200 Mirth Interface channels required to Integrate systems ie. labs, PACS, process HL7 and XML, DiCOM, Export Various Text file formats, and read or update SQL databases.
  • As Senior Support Engineer, provided desktop support for approximately 12 individuals on GE Centricity, Networking, Integration and Mirth HL7 Engine.
  • Wrote 12 customized plugins to process Centricity billing (X12 837/835/ HL7 DFT-P03) to the clearinghouses of more than 800 insurance carriers, requiring in-depth knowledge of ANSI X12, Electronic Data Interchange.
  • Built and managed virtual machines to manage servers locally (VMware and Hyper-V) in ASP infrastructure.

Other Carrier Experience

California Federal Bank, Sacramento, CA, Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Western Sunrise Mortgage, San Jose, CA, IBM Systems Engineer, Programmer, Loan Origination Support


Associate of Arts, Electronic Engineering, Monterey Peninsula College


Demonstrated Strengths

 Internet Technologies

·         System Engineer

·         DBA

·         Network Management

·         Integration

·         Mirth Interface

·         Interface

·         Mechanics

·         Programming

·         Policies and Procedures

·         Data Security

·         Multi-Platform Systems

·         Network Configuration

·         Data Recovery

·         Troubleshooting

·         Network Support

 Technical Expertise

Software:                    MS Office, VB6, Visual Studio, CodeOnTime, MIRTH, Terminals, Filezilla, Centricity PM/EMR, RedGate, Idera, ETL, LastPass

Languages:                 PowerShell, TSQL, Visual Basic, HL7, ASP, PHP, DOS, C#, JavaScript, ANSI X12, VBScript

Server Tools:              Windows Server Tools, SSMS, SSIS, Oracle 10-11G, MySQL 5.6, Oracle WorkBench, Visual DB, SQL Profiler, DTA, PerfMon, JumpDesktop

System Monitoring:    AppDynamics, Zabbix, Hobbit, SQLDm IDera, SQL Sentry, BigIP, 24×7, SOLR, SpiceWorks, Powershell

Performance Tools:    SQL Profiler, Performance Monitor, Resource Monitor